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    Over the decades a couple of guys watched the style of men’s and boy’s underwear change.  The  comfort and durability of the white 100% cotton  double seat brief sold by Sears, JC Penneys, Wards and others in the 1960’s and 70’s had been replaced by low rise briefs, bikini briefs, thongs, boxers and boxer briefs.  While we welcome the variety of underwear now available for men and boys, we missed the absence of a high quality, full rise, double-seat brief.

    Nostalgia for all things vintage has exploded in our culture. Baby boomers want to wear the briefs they wore as children or young adults.  Young people and boys want to try something new that is hip, retro and cool and above all comfortable.

    A full rise brief with the vintage look of dashes on the waistband made available in white as well as in a variety of colors that all feature a long wearing double-seat. Our elastic waistband is designed and crafted by workers here in the USA.  Talented seamstresses then follow graded patterns to sew all components to absolute perfection!  Available in both 100% Cotton or a 50/50 PolyCotton blend, you'll find both materials stretch just enough for a supreme fit.

    Now it is time for your to experience the comfort of Tiger Briefs  next to your skin and let us know what you think!