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    Tiger Underwear Blog

    Early 1970's Catalog Ad

    Vintage catalog ad from the 1970s featuring a male model wearing all white briefs that sports a dash waistband. A box to the left showing the brief features a double-back which was common in both men and boys briefs in that time period.

    Fourth of July Special

    Save now on Red and Blue Dash Tigers. These full cut briefs feature red and blue dashes on the waistband and are available in either double-back or 4 panel trainer style. Purchase now for both boys and men for this Fourth of July holiday!

    Men Red and Blue Dash Double-Back Briefs

    Men Red and Blue Dash 4 Panel Training Briefs


    Boys Red and Blue Dash Double-Back Briefs

    Boys Red and Blue Dash 4 Panel Training Briefs


    All New Special of the Week!

    All Tiger Briefs for men and boys are on sale now. Even bigger savings can be found with the all new "Special of the Week". Gain access to this weekly special from the home page and discover the savings!

    Boys 1989 Single Seat Brief Ad

    Up until August 1989, this ad was probably helping moms take notice that these particular boys briefs were not double-seat. Apparently even as the 1980's were about to give way to a new decade, single or double-back briefs were two options that were still available and hence spelling it out cleared up any confusion regarding the product.

    Save 30% Through May 31

    Memorial Day was Monday but we're keeping all Tiger Briefs on Sale until the end of this month. Don't miss the chance to save 30% on men's and boys double-seat briefs and trainers.