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    What's Old

    Double Seat Briefs (1930's-1980's)

    This blog is designed to help educate those interested the history of double-seat briefs. Historical pictures, newspaper and catalog ads will show how these briefs were worn from the late 1930's till the early 1990's.We would like to hear your comments about our post. Just create an account shown at the top of this page and Log In.

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    Sears Double Seat Briefs

    The space race of the 1960's was the era that almost all manufacturers offered double-seat briefs for both boys and men. Sears offered students and little boys the double seat option for longer wear, comfort and absorbency.

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    Munsingwear 1940's Double Seat Brief Ad

    Thanks to Brad, (one of our followers to this blog) we received this old advertisement for Munsingwear Underwear Company.

    Munsingwear ad campaign back in the 1940's was "And don't say underwear---say Munsingwear". Interesting to note that Jockey by then had already accomplish this style of branding.

    Wards 1980's Finest Boys Briefs

    Wards was a popular department stores in the 1980's. They also wanted to inform customers that their boys briefs featured an exclusive double-seat. It was unfortunate that by the 1990's, Wards also stopped offering this style of brief. It wasn't until almost 30 years later that Tiger Underwear made this classic style available again!