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    What's New

    Love In Country...Update

    Tiger Underwear is proud to be a corporate sponsor of Love In Country. Currently in post-production, we look forward to the release with much anticipation! 


    Click on the link above to check out the actors and the storyline on IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase)

    Complimentary Hand Sanitizer

    Scientist are now expecting over 100,000 US deaths by late May or early June. In just 4 months, we are all now aware of the importance of wearing a face cover as well as social distancing ourselves. Health officials also remind us the importance of keeping our hands clean. This is critical, as we often touch our face, an act that could bring the virus closer to our mouth or nose.

    Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, products such as Purell remains difficult for most consumers to purchase. Today, my business partner and I are excited to announce that every customer will receive a free packet of hand sanitizer with every order. Keeping our customers satisfied with the best product and service has always been the hallmark and tradition at Tiger Underwear. Now, we are doing are best to keep our customers safe too.

    Stay Home ••• Stay Safe

    Some believe that the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) could be the biggest threat to the United States since World War ll, in terms of life lost which was approximately 405,000.

    The Hanes Underwear Company and our government told us back then to BACK THE ATTACK, as our young men went and risked their lives to fight for America's freedom in World War ll. Today, our state and local governments want us to simply "STAY HOME". Despite the inconvenience, I feel this is not asking too much. Like a war, we all need to BACK THE ATTACK, in order to fight for our liberties that so many soldiers gave to defend.

    Tiger Underwear has become a home operation with the support of my family's help. All orders are still put together on the same or next business day and then shipped USPS Priority. 

    Together we will win this war against this invisible attack.

    To all my Tiger customers, please stay home and stay safe!