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    Tiger Underwear Blog

    Wards 1980's Finest Boys Briefs

    Wards was a popular department stores in the 1980's. They also wanted to inform customers that their boys briefs featured an exclusive double-seat. It was unfortunate that by the 1990's, Wards also stopped offering this style of brief. It wasn't until almost 30 years later that Tiger Underwear made this classic style available again!

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    Here is a map of Tiger Underwear popularity by postal codes (no customer addresses are shown). We are pleased to show that our customers have discovered us even outside the United States. Along with other Google analytics, this map is based on 2000 customers postal codes to help us better market our products.

    Robbers Cave Experiment

    Above was a similar  "Lord of the Flies" experiment that was done 1954. It is a story of boys between the ages of 11 and 12 that were used in a science study that today would be considered wrong on every level! This YouTube video is fascinating look into human behavior that I felt worth sharing. Below is a 1954 ad for Hanes briefs for boys which was one of the most popular brief in this time period.