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    Tiger Underwear Blog

    LOL...Vintage Tiger Brief on Ebay

    Strange to see our own product listed on Ebay. Stranger yet to see our "Red and Blue  Dash" waistband with a Buy It Now price of $49.00. Feel sorry for the Ebay customer who has confirmed a bid of $34.99. This person could have purchased this same brief, brand new at Tiger Underwear this past week for only $24.99.

    Sears Best Double-Seat Briefs

    Sears has been in the news the last few days and its future is in doubt. Time to reflect and remember the Sears catalog. Above is a 1960's photo of a typical Sears department store from that era. Below that is a boys underwear ad featuring Sears Best brief featuring a double-seat.

    Wards 1980s Newspaper Ad

    Some of our customers inform us how much they use to enjoy wearing the old Wards department store style double-seat briefs. In some previous post, customers told how the double-back from Wards felt thicker and made playing little league sports much more comfortable. Shown above is a newspaper ad from the early 1980's that took up nearly the entire page! It seemed boys liked these briefs for the comfort-fit and moms liked the durability of the double-back!

    1970's Win A Bike Contest

    This bike was almost every kids dream back in the 1970's. Today you can find them restored on ebay for about $2,500. Remembering your childhood doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Tiger Underwear offers long wearing, double thickness seat briefs just Like You Wore Before! Tiger Briefs are available in both men's and boys sizes and will only set you back $19.99.

    The Greatest Generation Underwear

    Most brands of men's underwear in the 1960's such as Hanes and BVD all featured a double-seat. Some of these men are the same ones that in fought in World War II or known today as the "Greatest Generation". Department stores were shown to advertise these briefs for boys but they also marketed them to men that expected comfort and quality that only came from a full cut double-seat brief.