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    Tiger Underwear Blog

    LOVE IN COUNTRY (Update)

    Tiger Underwear have been featured and credited in such Hollywood movies as Harold (2008) and Dark Skies (2013). Today we would are excited to announce that Love In Country has reached post production (the filming of this movie has been completed). You can keep up with the status of this film by going to Internet Movie Data Base IMDB.

    Information as well as Tiger Underwear sponsorship can be seen by going to www.LoveInCountryMovie.com

    Baby Pink and Baby Blue Briefs and Trainers

    This spring, after debuting the Baby Pink and Baby Blue Tiger Briefs on Etsy, we were a little caught off by the demand! Today, Tiger Underwear has received its latest shipment of Tiger Briefs and for the first time, the thick 4 panel trainer version of the Baby Pink and Baby Blue Double-Seat Brief is now available on our website!

    The logistic required to introduce these two new prints this year is time consuming at best and we appreciate everyone's patience during this process.

    Tiger's Emergency Double-Seat Briefs

    We have just introduced our latest Tiger print brief, the Emergency Brief! The design features Fire Engines, Police Cars and Ambulances and is a throwback to what you might have worn in your younger years. Available in both men's and boys sizes, the Tiger Emergency Brief features our exclusive double-seat for longer wear. Besides the youthful print, the elastic Jacquard waistband is solid blue (not white) with red dashes for an unique look. The ribbed leg bands (with rubber embedded, another Tiger exclusive) is also highlighted in red as well as the tape fly.

    This Tiger Brief will also be available in training pants style which includes a four panel seat and a four panel front (faux fly) for absorbency very soon. In the meantime, the Tiger Emergency Training Brief can be purchased on Etsy, however the quantities are limited.

    Boxers Versus Briefs

    The old debate of boxers versus briefs was going on even back in the 1960's as shown in this catalog picture. In the 1970's, kids wanted to wear briefs and thought of boxers as something their grandpa's would wear. Times have changed as Underwear was not a fashion statement like they are today. The baby boomer generation wanted to wear briefs and the best quality briefs offered a double-seat for twice the wear!