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    What's New

    Tiger Sporty Double-Seat Mid Rise Brief

    The Tiger Mid Rise Brief was introduced years after our original full cut version came to market back in 2008. The slimmer cut has proven popular with many of our customers that live in warmer climates throughout the year. Most new designs for Tiger Underwear that are released are now available in full cut, mid rise and trainers allowing more customers a selection of styles to choose from.

    Wiki Findings

    Our last post we mentioned John Quinlan had modeled for Tiger Underwear, a fact that was cited on Wikipedia. Even more interesting was the pair of Tiger Underwear shown that was uploaded to Wikipedia in Jan of 2007. It can be found by searching "Undergarments" in the Wike search engine. Fascinating to think that a pair of Tiger Briefs is shown to represent "Briefs". Another link is highlighted for "Double-Seat" to show the rear view of the same brief. I would like to thank the two people who were referenced as Underwear Guy and JackLee for this. Sorry that it took me 13 years to notice! 

    John Quinlan

    Did You Know...

    John Quinlan who is well known in the world of professional wrestling is also an actor and past model of Tiger Underwear! Check out his Wikipedia page and home page to learn more about John and his amazing career.

    Tiger Underwear Fall Classic

    Black and Gold were two colors that were fashionable in clothing in the 1970's. Tiger Underwear double dash color style is not only retro but looks great for this time of the season! Our exclusive double-seat briefs are available in men's and boys sizes as well as the optional trainer design.

    Trick or Treat Sale

    Save 25 for both boys and men Tiger Briefs. The Trick or Treat Sale has officially begun or Tiger Double-Back Briefs and Tiger Trainers. Don't forget your Tiger loyalty points for additional savings!