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    Tiger Underwear Blog

    Tiger Underwear Brand offers 50 Styles of Boy's Briefs

    Tiger Underwear is one of the largest brands of boys briefs that you'll find online. The selections of these briefs come in a variety of colors and prints with the option of choosing either a double-back or 4 panel trainer.

    Tiger double-back briefs features a tradition fly front and double panel back for comfort and long wear. Tiger training briefs has an absorbent 4 panel seat and a 4 panel faux fly front that look identical to our double seat briefs but the fly has been sewn shut.

    A selection of mid-rise briefs are also available for bigger kids and older teens.

    Click Here to start shopping for Tiger Underwear for boys.

    Valentine's Day Special

    Valentine's Day Special! Pick any two Tiger Double-Seat Briefs or Tiger Trainers and select a third one for free! 

    LOL...Vintage Tiger Brief on Ebay

    Strange to see our own product listed on Ebay. Stranger yet to see our "Red and Blue  Dash" waistband with a Buy It Now price of $49.00. Feel sorry for the Ebay customer who has confirmed a bid of $34.99. This person could have purchased this same brief, brand new at Tiger Underwear this past week for only $24.99.

    Sears Best Double-Seat Briefs

    Sears has been in the news the last few days and its future is in doubt. Time to reflect and remember the Sears catalog. Above is a 1960's photo of a typical Sears department store from that era. Below that is a boys underwear ad featuring Sears Best brief featuring a double-seat.