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    Tiger Underwear Blog

    A Tiger Underwear Purpose

    Today's special on Ebay! An actual vintage (circa 1960's) 3 Pack of HealthKnit Double Seat Briefs. You can own and wear this style and enjoy the comfort of these full cut briefs for $129.99. If that is too much, you can own from the same seller, one pair of HealthKnit Double Seat Briefs in a size (40-42) for only $99.99.

    These astronomical "Buy it Now" and or bids on eBay are not unusual for actual vintage briefs. Double seat briefs are typically 5 to 10 times higher than the same vintage single seat brand. It is not because of greed from the seller, but from the willingness of consumers to pay more when the demand is high and supply is low.

    As a consumer in the 1990's, I did everything in my power by contacting JC Penney and other department stores to bring back their original brand of double seat briefs. Looking back, I'm certain I was not the only one given the "Supply and Demand" of this style today. 

    With every major brand and department store dropping the double-seat option by the early 90's, I made it my mission in life to bring them back. This is A Tiger Underwear Purpose, as the demand is greater than the supply for a quality, full cut double seat briefs. 

    Tiger Underwear Brand offers 50 Styles of Boy's Briefs

    Tiger Underwear is one of the largest brands of boys briefs that you'll find online. The selections of these briefs come in a variety of colors and prints with the option of choosing either a double-back or 4 panel trainer.

    Tiger double-back briefs features a tradition fly front and double panel back for comfort and long wear. Tiger training briefs has an absorbent 4 panel seat and a 4 panel faux fly front that look identical to our double seat briefs but the fly has been sewn shut.

    A selection of mid-rise briefs are also available for bigger kids and older teens.

    Click Here to start shopping for Tiger Underwear for boys.