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    What's Old

    Robbers Cave Experiment

    Above was a similar  "Lord of the Flies" experiment that was done 1954. It is a story of boys between the ages of 11 and 12 that were used in a science study that today would be considered wrong on every level! This YouTube video is fascinating look into human behavior that I felt worth sharing. Below is a 1954 ad for Hanes briefs for boys which was one of the most popular brief in this time period.

    $399 Ebay Sale

    A question that comes up all the time, "What made you decide to make a retro style double-seat brief?" One of the obvious reason Tiger Underwear got into the business is how much they auction for. Just a few days ago, a 3-pack of JC Penney's Double Seat Briefs (men's size 34 inch waist; circa 1960's) sold on Ebay for $399.

    Tiger Underwear customers for the last 12 years have been able to purchase our retro department style briefs like they wore before. 

    Sights and Sounds of 70's Fashion

    Reinforced seat seams are serged to enhances the built quality of these JC Penney's double-back briefs. Just like the audible swooshing noise of corduroys jeans of this time period, visible underwear lines as shown above were just part of the sights and sounds of 1970's fashions!

    Junior High School 1971 Documentary (Part 2)

    Anyone interested in going back in time to 1971? Above is the video portal you can click on and you'll feel like you have been thrown back almost 50 years ago to a Junior High gym class! I recommend Junior High School in September's blog, well here is the other half.

    Keep in mind that this type of school documentary is rare and somehow both the teachers and students seem to be completely oblivious to the cameramen and lighting that would have been necessary back then to have shot this documentary. From a fashion point a view, you'll see all the classics e.g. denim shirts and jackets to v-neck cardigan sweaters.

    Mom's that did there shopping at Wards (according to the Fall and Winter catalog from that time period), would have had not one but 4 styles of boys sizes full cut briefs to select from! Going from best to most affordable was Ward's Best Kodel and SuPima blend versus a 100% cotton Heavyweight interlock nit. Mom could also choose a quality 100% SuPima cotton or a budget friendly cotton and nylon blend. Important to note, all four of Wards offerings shown below had the double-seat! 

    1987 Boys Color Briefs Clearance Sale

    This newspaper ad shows boys double seat briefs that were available in assorted colors back in 1987. Normally $2.49 each, that would make them roughly $7.50 for a normal 3 pack or $17.43 for a week supply. Seems expensive for 1987, good thing the were on sale for only $1.49 pair.

    Tiger Underwear today has the largest selection of boys double seat briefs in the world! Click here to check out Tiger Underwear inventory of both white and color boys double seat briefs.