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    What's Old

    1970's Meyer Brothers Newspaper Ad

    Before cable and their 24 hour news channels, we used to come home from work and read the newspaper. Spread within the news articles, ads would appear such as the one shown. Listed above is a Carter Underwear ad for back to school at your local Meyer Brothers store. Next to the ad is an actual package for sale on Ebay currently. Thanks Brad to bringing this to my attention!

    Yesterday and Today

    You can occasionally find vintage double-back briefs on ebay. Here is an example of an 1970's newspaper add for GRANTS. Apparently that week they offered their own department store brand of men's double-back briefs, a 3 pack for only $2.17. Today the cost of this never before opened package is considerably more!

    Boys Played Outside More 50 Years Ago

    In the 1960's, long before video games, boys played outside. It didn't matter the activity and it didn't even have to be organized sports, a lot of boys liked to ride their bicycle, play cowboys and indians or even deliver newspapers. Boys spent their free time being active so the clothes they wore had to be strong including briefs with a durable double-back for longer wear. This is what mom's wanted in the 1960s and JC Penneys made some of the best in this era!

    The Silent Alarm (1993)

    Rob Morrow is a critically acclaimed actor, writer, and director with an established career in television spanning over three decades. In 1993, he directed The Silent Alarm, a 1960's suburbia movie short, that tells the story of a young boy who watches a strange man sell his mom an alarm for their home. 

    In the end, the boy is punished by spanking which shows the child wearing a white double-seat brief before he get the courage to tell his mom the real story of her boyfriend. 


    "Junior High School" 1971 Documentary

    Junior High School 1971

    Tiger Underwear features men's and boys double-seat briefs that were "Like You Wore Before". Many of our customers were baby-boomers and going to junior high school sometime in the 1970s when department store double-seat briefs was what you wore under your groovy 70's fashions! 

    This film that was originally shown on PBS television will take you back in time. First broadcast in 1971, The Los Angeles Times wrote: “The finest documentary ever produced on American education. No one should miss it.”

    It won the documentary of the year in Excellence in Broadcast Journalism and Edward R. Murrow Award for Distinguished Achievement in Broadcast Association.

    One teacher said: “It fully documents in ways I never thought possible, the world of the junior high school student and teacher. It is an amazing document and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how they did it.”